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Farm: Duas Paineiras

Grower: Rogério Pereira

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1210

Varieties:  Red catuaí

Planted area: 02 hectares




Rogério is the son of Joaquim Pereira, a very well-known farmer in the region due to a sad anecdote about cultivating coffee. Forty years ago, a strong frost hit his crops devastating the entire fields. Mr. Joaquim Pereira got very disappointed with the situation and decided to quit the coffee industry. That was when Rogério realized that his dream of being a coffee grower was coming to an end. After a few years, Rogério changed his fate around, and together with his wife, Regiane, decided to believe in his dream again. Today, the family makes a living out of trading coffee and corn and they are glad to see their crops yield quality grains. 












Rogério Pereira

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