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Farm: Matão

Grower: Dario Botrel

City: Três Pontas

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 900

Varieties:  Mundo Novo, Catuai 144, Acaia, Topázio, Red Icatu , Arara, Yellow Bourbom 

Planted area: 300 hectares 

Total area: 450 hectares




Dario's mother, Dona Maria Aparecida, inherited Matão Farm from her father, Dário Botrel de Figueiredo, and very lovingly embraced the management of the coffee-producing farm, renewing, improving and conducting the crops in the best way. She faced many difficulties in this hard work without encouragement, but she persevered and proved to be a great farmer over the years. The farm is close to the Serra de Três Pontas and has excellent topography and altitude, which favors the production of good coffees. Darius always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was an agronomist and learned from a young age to have love for this land and for coffee, also seeing his mother's struggle and her determination to take it all on her own. So taking over the farm for him was natural, something I always had in mind. But it was quite challenging at first, as it was a time of transition to a much more modern, much more technological coffee growing, so Dario had to break many paradigms. But it was gradually bringing innovations, technology and adjusting the farm to a new level, always aiming for a productive, sustainable coffee and quality coffee.






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