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Farm – Serra de Pedra
City: Ilicínea
Altitude  – 1.110
Varieties –  Catigua Mg2 and Topázio
Planted area – 12 hectares

Coffee is in the family since I was born. My father came to Ilicinea as an Emater extensionist and here he gained a love for coffee planting and started his first crop in 1ha the year I was born. Time passed, I graduated in chemical engineering and as soon as I had the opportunity, I planted a little piece in Serra Nova, an environment where coffee and simple life are predominant. As much as it may seem, coffee has its links with my background, after all, it is not only magic to dry a coffee without losing its qualities, it takes knowledge and practice. And now, after two and a half years of many struggles and surprises, with the help of my father and the cooperative technicians, we have an excellent result. The goal is very simple, to produce quality coffee and with it to show the world that Ilicínea has everything that is needed to produce an excellent coffee and to serve as a reference for all who want to learn to grow together.








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