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Farm: Comunidade Serra Nova

Grower: Luis Carlos Oliveira

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1210

Varieties: Icatu and Yellow catuaí

Planted area: 05 hectares 





Luis Carlos' dream came true when he was able to buy his farm. At first, Luis only thought about the good times he could spend with the family there, but he realized that it was also a fertile land of excellent quality for growing coffee. Luis works in construction and on weekends goes to farm, take care of his coffee plantation. Luis needs the help of two employees during the harvesting season and during the coffee drying processes. The farm consists of a small patio for drying the grains, which takes around 28 days for ideal drying of the coffee. All process is via dry (natural). The harvest in the community saw new ranch happens from July to October and made all manual. The plantations are close to the drying yard, all transport is the own collaborators and Luis who take the grains in bags. Luis does not have any machinery and so, when it is time to take the dry bark out of the coffee, he hires a moving truck that has a coffee machine attached to his body. Luis dreams of having better financial conditions to improve the physical structure of his small farm. Luis is extremely satisfied with the quality of the grains he has produced, and since then he has been searching for the best possible ways to grow quality coffee.














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