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Farm: Córrego das Pedras

Grower: Lúcio Chaves Figueiredo

City: Carmo da Cachoeira

Region: South of Minas

Altitude: 1100

Varieties: Yellow Catuai, Icatu, Acaiá and Topázio

Planted area: 170 hectares 




Córrego das Pedras Farm belonged to Lucio Chaves’ grandfather and it has been producing coffee since 1908.  Lucio would follow his grandfather and his father, Mr. Aureliano Chaves, across the coffee crops in his childhood, while observing the way they worked and respected nature. Lucio went to university to study business administration, but he stuck to the thought of returning to the farm and giving continuity to the work initiated by his grandfather. When he returned to the farm, besides producing high quality and safe coffee for human consumption, he reforested much of the area that had been deforested by former owners, planted numerous species of fruit trees native to the Atlantic forest and started a training workshop for his collaborators. His wife Maria and his friend Francisco Duarte are his collaborators on the farm. They are developing new post-harvest processes together aiming at improving the quality of their lots, professional recognition, protection of the existing forests and continuous care for the water springs that supply the Córrego das Pedras farm.












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