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Farm: Estreito

Grower: Lucas Natanael Moreira

City: Ilicínea

Region: South of Minas

Altitude: 1160

Varieties: Topázio and Arara

Planted area: 07 hectares 





When Lucas entered college, he thought he would never work with coffee again. But after finishing his graduation, Lucas decided to spend some time at the farm with his parents, and his passion for producing specialty coffees made him drop out of mechanical engineering and focus on growing coffee. During the harvest months at the Estreito farm, Lucas has the help your father Antonio and two other collaborators. The harvest is all done manually because the coffee plantations stand on cliffs and the transportation of all coffee is done by a small tractor that Lucas has on the farm. Every post-harvest process is done via dry. In the first 3 days after harvesting the coffee, Lucas lets the coffee dry on the patio and then leads them to a coffee drier that is stocked with firewood. Lucas has producing special coffee since 2016 and is increasingly motivated to seek excellence and recognition for his work.




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