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Farm: Bom Sucesso

Grower: José Vitor Luz

City: Carmo da Cachoeira

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 976

Varieties: Yellow Catuai and Acaiá

Planted area: 08 hectares 




Jose Vitor was a farm manager for many years. Until one day, talking with his wife Luiza, they decided to change their lives and have a farm of their own. In 1999, they managed to buy a small piece of land. Since then, Jose and his wife Luiza have been working tirelessly to improve the site, especially to produce specialty coffee. Joseph is always very happy and next to his wife, they work happily on coffee farms all year round. In addition to working with coffee, Jose and Luiza love to welcome friends at home to have a cachaça, and eat a delicious chicken meat, which they own their own farm. Not to mention the beautiful orchard, with a diversity of irresistible tropical fruits.












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