Farm: Nossa Senhora da Guia

Grower: Job Carvalho Filho

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1000

Varieties: Topazio, Arara, Mundo Novo and Yellow Catyai

Planted area: 15 hectares 

Total area: 20 hectares




The love for coffee was the greatest legacy that the Brito family left to Job. It all started in the 19th century, when Colonel Migote, in the city of Santana da Vargem, south of Minas, started to plant coffee and, thus, it was traditionally passed From father to son. Colonel Migote's great-grandson, Job Carvalho de Brito, moved to the city of Ilicínea and bought his first farm and together with his sons, Roberto, Geraldo and Job Filho, they planted their first coffee plantations.
Job Carvalho de Brito Filho, bought his first farm from Nossa Senhora da Guia, in 2008 and besides the farm Nossa Senhora da Guia, he manages other properties, such as Fazenda Laranjeiras, Babalu and São Gabriel, totaling an area of ​​255 hectares of coffee, of different varieties, such as Mundo Novo, yellow Bourbon, Catucai, 2SL, IAC 144.
Job Filho is in a region with high potential for fine coffees and, in addition, he uses several post-harvest techniques to add even more quality to the coffee.
Job is always looking to improve the farm's facilities, testing new methods of preparing coffee and bringing information to his employees, always thinking about producing the best coffees in his region.