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Farm:Santa Cruz

Grower:Joaquim Ribeiro Almeida

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern Minas Gerais


Varieties: Mundo Novo, Paraiso, Acauã, Red Catuai and Arara

Planted area:4 hectres

Planted total:15 hectares


Joaquim Almeida, came from a family of 8 children. His parents were farm workers for many years. In the mid-1968 they worked on coffee harvesting from large farms, and to help with the financial part of the family, Joaquim and his brothers also helped their parents with the harvesting work, even though they were children. Over time, a brother from joaquim became very ill, and the whole family had to move to the city of São Paulo to get medical treatment for his brother, but unfortunately he died. That was when the family decided to return to the origins of the countryside, and in 1990 their parents managed to buy a small farm. Joaquim was already a young man at that time and even so he continued to help his parents in the production of coffee, but now with the difference, that the coffee was theirs. Soon, Joaquim met his wife Marcia, a young woman who came from a family of 18 children and who also worked with coffee production. They got married, and over the years, they bought their own farm. Today they work in the family farming system, they are very responsible for the conservation of native forests. Joaquim is always in search of knowledge. He studies the varieties that best adapt to his property, better post-harvest management and sustainability.















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