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Farm: Córrego Bonito

Grower: Joaquim de Oliveira

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1239

Varieties: Yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo

Planted area: 35 hectares 




Joaquim is one of the children of Mr. Orlando, a well-known producer in the region of the Ilicínea mountain range. Joaquim, together with his parents, is dedicated to the production of coffees, raising dairy cows and growing cereals. Since he was a child, Joaquim already helps with farm work, especially when harvesting coffee during the harvest season. Thinking of helping his family even more on the farm, Joaquim studied and graduated as a coffee technician. Joaquim is always seeking new knowledge and putting into practice the new management with coffee, always thinking about the excellent quality of each grain.














Joaquim de Oliveira

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