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Farm: Cochos (Rancho Alegre)

Grower: Jaqueline Kelly 

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 900

Varieties: Arara, Aranas,Red Catuai and Mundo Novo

Planted area: 5,8 hectares 

Total area : 5,9hectares



Jaqueline Kelly Lopes with her husband Doni owns a small farm in the region of Ilicínea, Southern Minas Gerais.
8 years ago Jqueline and her husband Doni occupied the small farm and planted their coffee crops in part of the area.
At that time Jaqueline worked in a textile industry in the city and her husband took care of everything.
As they harvested and sold the coffees, they were able to plant more areas of coffee.
They only had one daughter and decided to have another son. At that time, Jaqueline decided to leave her job in the industry and just stayed at home, taking care of her children and learning more about coffee cultivation.
Nowadays, Jaqueline helps her husband with some parts of the property.
Only at harvest time did they hire temporary employees to help with the harvest.
Every day they become more excited and happy to know that they can produce quality coffee.
















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