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Farm:Sitio Bela Vista

Grower: Gleiton Henrique

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1100

Varieties: Arara and Mundo Novo

Planted area: 9 hectares

Area Total: 17 hectares




Since I was a child I have been involved in coffee growing. My parents always worked on the coffee plantations and I was always with them. I grew up watching and learning from my father how to manage a coffee plantation. When I turned 15, my parents gave me a coffee plantation to take care of, but the region of this plantation was very low, low altitude and always in the winter season, it suffered from frost. plantation and coffee and all the coffee plants died. After that, I was very sad and abandoned the coffee plantations and started working with cattle until 2019. In early 20202 I had the opportunity to buy another coffee plantation, with good soil and good altitude. So I decided to start working with coffee again, but with the idea of producing specialty coffee. And in 2021 I got my first harvest of special coffees. I am very happy to know that I am now getting good results with coffee and I want more every day, to try to improve the quality, my post-harvest structure, to care for and preserve nature.


















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