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Farm: Zaroca

Grower: Gilberto Basílio

City: Três Pontas

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1200

Varieties: Paraiso, Aranãs, Acaiá, Icatú, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Icatu, Aranans, Topazio, and Yellow Bourbon

Planted area: 135,1 hectares 

Total area: 265,7 hectares




The Zaroca Farm, in mid-1915, was called Jararaca Farm, and was owned by Mr. Zaroca, Gilberto's great-grandfather. It was incorporated into Fazenda Boa Vista, which had sugar cane as its main crop. In 1980, Maria de Brito, Gilberto's grandmother and Zaroca's daughter, took over the farm and changed her name to Fazenda Zaroca - in honor of her father, who did so much for the growth of coffee and sugarcane culture. sugar in the region. After his death in 1996, Gilberto's mother took over the farm, and for a few years Gilberto was his assistant in coffee growing, implementing new varieties of fruits. From 2015, Gilberto took over the management of his share that represents 62.5% of Fazenda Zaroca and began a work focused on the production of specialty coffees, with more technology, equipment modernization and constant updating of employees. New varieties were introduced, aiming at high quality and good production to serve the national and international markets.















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