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Farm: Aguas Claras

Grower: Efrain Botrel

City: Ilicínea

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1350

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon and Red, Rubi, Yellow Catucai, Arara and Topazio

Planted area: 110 hectares

Total area: 206 hectares




Mr. Efrain Botrel Alves comes from a family with a long coffee-producing background, over 130 years. His father is well-known for his extensive knowledge and experience in the area. Naturally, Efrain was aleays been very interested in coffee production, since the beginning, with much dedication to the studies and research about quality improvement and new technologies always concerned about sustainability and the environment. In 2000 with great experience and knowledge, he started Fazenda Aguas Claras. located in a region with over 1300 meters of altitude, great soil, and a climate for the production of specialty coffee, which has always been his goal. he then made a plan for the beginning, for the selection of the seedlings and varieties, preservation of the spring, restoring part of the native vegetation, and building a good structure for the employees. ​
















Efrain Botrel

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