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Farm: Bela Vista
Grower: Denilson Antonio Costa
City: Ilicínea
Region: Southern Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1230
Varieties: Yellow Catuaí, Arara, and Topázio
Planted area: 29 hectares 






Denilson has worked with coffee since childhood when he helped his parents on the farm. In 1995, he decided to plant his first coffee crops, but he did not have good results and gave up everything. He moved to a nearby state and started working with fabric sales. However, in 2015, he joined forces with his brothers, William and Denes, and decided to buy a small piece of land. The family is very satisfied with the results and the quality of the coffee they produce. Little by little, they are rearranging the structure of the farm, while improving the production of the grains.


Denilson Costa

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