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Farm:São José

Grower:César Augusto Amaral

City: Santo Antonio do Amparo

Region: Southern Minas Gerais


Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai and Red Catuai

Planted area:14,5 hectares 

Planted total:7 hectares




César Augusto Amaral, was born in the city of Bom Sucesso, in the south of Minas and moved to Santo Antônio do Amparo in 1999. César has a degree in dentistry, however, it was in the café that he found his great passion. He became a producer of specialty coffees 5 years ago, and stands out for his responsibility and love in managing his crops. Its objective has always been to improve and evolve its structure. He is looking for the exchange of knowledge between fellow producers and with “Seu Zé” (José Cunha), César's right hand on the farm, who had great importance in the production of special coffee. One of his great goals, together with his assistant José Cunha, is to keep the organization from managing the crop to drying the coffee in the yard. 'Seu Zé' tells us that a good coffee is produced with good cleaning and care practices, especially with the terrace and the drying time of the coffee. 















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