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Iandra Vilela


Farm: Pedra Negra 1

Grower: Iandra Vilela

Location: Três Pontas

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1050

Varieties: Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo and Guesha

Planted area: 17 hectares

Total area: 20 hectares




Since her great-grandparents' generation, Sylvia's family has been involved in coffee growing. She remembers her childhood and adolescence, running and playing in the farm's patios and coffee plantations. Coffee has always been a great passion! Sylvia studied business administration in the city of Rio de Janeiro and when she returned to Minas Gerais in 2000, she also studied Business Coffee. From there, she is always updating with innovations and technologies. Sylvia started the job with her father, Mr. Reinaldo Meinberg and his brothers. In 2008, she married Aurélio Felizali, an agronomist specializing in specialty coffees. In addition to being partners in life, they are also partners in coffee plantations. This union leveraged the great passion for specialty coffees and with that, they are increasingly seeking excellence in production and quality. In 2018, they bought the Fazenda Terras Altas, in the city of Ingaí. The farm has a different microclimate, excellent altitude and carefully chosen varieties aiming at quality and productivity. In addition to the excellence in the production of specialty coffees, they are concerned with sustainable production. Always aiming to preserve the environment.

















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