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Farm: Lagoa

Grower: Antonio Vitor Archanjo

City: Três Pontas

Region: South of Minas

Altitude: 920

Varieties:  Yellow Catuaí and Mundo Novo

Planted area: 150 hectares




At age 15, Antonio Vitor got his first job on a nursery bed for coffee. He saved money for many years to buy a farm for himself. In 1998, he achieved his goal and began cultivating coffee at his Lagoa farm. Even at lower altitudes, Antonio Vitor always believed he could make special coffee. Over the years, Antonio bought a washer and dryer fueled by firewood to improve the quality of his lots. In the farm live 5 employees and their families who work throughout the year in coffee plantations and nurseries. The coffee plantations are in an easily accessible place, so the harvest is made by agricultural machinery and in two months, between May and June, all planted area has already been harvested. Much of the coffee is processed by wet (natural pulped) and taken for 3 days for drying on patios. Soon after the empty lots for a dryer moved to firewood for total drying of the grains. When the coffee is ready, it is taken to a machine where the bark is removed and then packaged in a bag. All lots of the lagoon farm are stored in the Cooperative de Três Pontas - COCATREL. Antonio Vitor is very happy to know that even with the low altitudes on the farm he is getting high-quality coffees.














Antonio Vitor

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