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Farm: Jacutinga

Grower: AnaPaula e Fernanda Campedelli

City: Três Pontas

Region: Southern  Minas Gerais

Altitude: 920-1040

Varieties: Mundo Novo and Topazio

Planted area: 39 hectares 

Total area: 27 hectares




My name is Ana Paula Campedelli Machado, coffee grower, Cocatrel member and member of the Cafeína group since its creation. My family's coffee history goes back a long way, starting over a hundred years ago, when my great-grandfather on my mother's side immigrated to Brazil from Italy and acquired land in the city of Muzambinho, in Minas Gerais, to grow coffee. Since then, the passion for coffee growing has passed from generation to generation. In 1960, my parents, newly married, came to the city of Três Pontas and soon managed to acquire a small piece of land where they started growing coffee. My father Antônio Mauro Simões Machado, was one of the pioneers in the cultivation of coffee in cerrado lands (which were much cheaper at that time) at a time when cultivation in mountain areas was normal. From the first coffee harvest until today, all our production is sold through Cocatrel. With the death of my father in 2002, I started to personally take care of two small properties that I inherited and, since then, I also became a cooperative member of Cocatrel. In my first years in coffee growing, my main concern was with increasing productivity, as the very high costs made it difficult to remain in the activity. However, in recent years, Cocatrel has encouraged its members, encouraging them to produce more and, especially, better; At the same time, Cocatrel began offering fairer marketing, especially for higher quality coffees. My daughter Fernanda Campedelli Machado Alves today joined the family passion for coffee cultivation, and has been working with me since 2020. Together we have participated in several qualification courses through the SENAR system, which has greatly improved our management











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